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3,000+ keypad capacity / preproduction & post production reporting
Graphics and Keynote Operators GRAPHICS & KEYNOTE
Professionally talented PowerPoint & Keynote graphic artist / operators
Presidential & camera mounted setups - Editing w/ Telescript Pro
Bring the meeting to the office anywhere in the world


Taylor Events Inc. has combined the needs of public companies with the reach of the internet. Through our own proprietary software, we offer cost-effective web-based broadcast (webcast) communications. Our applications include the ability to broadcast audio, video, and graphics both in live or archived environments. We also offer scaleable, service based applications including fully interactive Q&A sessions, audience polling, and a full range of reporting and viewer statistics. Working through partnerships with high-end content delivery networks, we are able to webcast your live meeting to viewers anywhere in the world.

A typical webcast would feature these options to facilitate a direct and interactive exchange:

  • Advanced event planning and coordination
  • On-site certified web technician
  • Password protected encryption for all web traffic
  • Instant messaging
  • Idea generator
  • Audience polling
  • Moderator-controlled Q&A
  • Post event reporting

Our flexible approach means that you can rely on Taylor Events Inc. for a top to bottom solution or mix and match services with existing providers. Online video is a technological revolution and we are ready to help you with on-demand streaming services, internet video, and content managed solutions in this ever changing world.