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3,000+ keypad capacity / preproduction & post production reporting
Graphics and Keynote Operators GRAPHICS & KEYNOTE
Professionally talented PowerPoint & Keynote graphic artist / operators
Presidential & camera mounted setups - Editing w/ Telescript Pro
Bring the meeting to the office anywhere in the world


We start with state-of-the-art equipment including the latest in flat-panel technology for camera mount and presidential systems. Using Telescript Pro software, our hardware and software will meet the demands of any production environment.

We will call on the talents of experienced, reliable, and personable teleprompter operators who will be fully versed in the special needs of our clients.

When we arrive on-site, we typically receive a disk or flash drive containing the script. The Telescript Pro software allows us to import many different file types directly into the prompting program.

Once rehearsals start, numerous text edits invariably need to be made. Because time is so valuable and talent and crew are usually idle while edits are being entered into the prompter, clients demand that prompter edits be entered very rapidly.

The ease of editing is a strong point of the Telescript Pro package. We can edit in full screen mode thus eliminating the need to go back and forth from edit to scroll modes.

This allows the talent to immediately read the new text. Our clients are always happy with the smooth scroll and crisp clear fonts.