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Audience Response Voting Systems | ARS

Put the power of interactivity into the hands of presenters and facilitators. Interactive technology is a powerful tool for improving meetings, training sessions, market research, self-assessments, and a variety of other applications where a higher level of input is required.

An add-in to Microsoft Powerpoint, our software harnesses the power of wireless keypads to help you receive real-time feedback from meeting or classroom participants.

This dynamic combination of tools can improve participation, focus, learning, and decision making as it makes your powerpoint presentations a truly interactive experience.

For example, you may suspect that your organization needs to change in a number of areas. The system can be used to identify the importance of change in each area, the best plan for change, and the support that a plan will have, if this change is made.

On the other hand, you may have already defined a plan for change, and your objective may be to secure meeting participant support. During your presentation you can include questions that basically ask: “Do you understand our new plan? Do you agree with our new plan? Will you support us in the implementation of this plan?”

It is important to use the system in a way that supports the objectives of your particular meeting. As with most presentations, the best way to begin planning is with a general outline. Then, you can develop specific questions.